Sunday, July 19, 2015

Marine Aerial Photography with a Drone!

Our drone photos and videos help to maximize sailing performance on the water and increase tangible sponsorship opportunities for a regatta or campaign. Our imagery can be used for performance analysis, promotional videos and much more.

EMMU LLC are specialists in drone cinematography and photography. Our team of drone pilots are all qualified and insured as well as being experienced sailors who combine their ability as pilots with their passion and understanding of sailing.

Drone cinematography and photography is currently used in a number of ways on the water:

  • For use in performance analysis, to help maximize your performance on the water.
  • To increase the tangible sponsorship benefits for a regatta or campaign.
  • Promotional videos.
  • Much much more.
Benefits of EMMU aerial imagery and drones
  • Our experienced qualified pilots can get lower and closer to the action. There is no down draft and disruption to the sails that you might receive from a helicopter.
  • Drones capture a crew and boat in full race mode. They help to capture data of how the sails and rig react as a result of the wind and crew actions on board.
  • A drone can take video footage and pictures that provide the true aerial perspective at an affordable price.
Footage with clarity, precision and experience
  • Once we have established a clear brief, our drone pilots will position themselves with zero disruption to the skipper and their crew to capture changes to the rig, sails and mast.
  • All video footage can be shot in HD 4K industry standard, with stabilizing features for smooth clear imagery and the ability to fix the drone in a GPS position.
  • The footage can be enhanced further with the incorporation of commentary on board through the skipper and crew wearing headsets. The wind and tidal effects can also be included to give a true reflection of a session on the water for analysis.
  • Our drones can fly up to 70knts, so the question is can you keep up?

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