Thursday, July 2, 2015

Commercial UAS, UAV and or Drone Applications and Beyond.

Everyone is wondering when the rules will be announced that allow commercial operations of unmanned aircraft systems, also known as UAS, UAV or drones—and when they are announced, what will they say? The topic has gained the attention of people at the highest levels of the government, as well as entrepreneurs, manufacturers and software developers. Instead of waiting for all the details to be worked out, many are jumping into the new market space in hopes of gaining a competitive advantage and attracting early adopters. The exciting prospects of this formerly military-focused technology have captured the imagination of people in a diverse range of commercial industries.  See some of the applications available to you for UAS, UAV or Drones below. Aerial Videography & Cinematography For Film & Television
Making a feature film, commercial, music video or other type of production? If so then you already know the benefits of an aerial perspective for your production. UAS, UAV or Drones can fly where full size aircraft cannot! Such as flying through narrow areas such as city streets or natural obstructions. This includes High Definition Digital Video Cameras. Photography
Digital photographs are great for realtors, resorts, commercial & residential property investors, home owners, golf courses, casinos, private investigators, accident investigators, insurance adjusters and more.° Aerial Panoramic Photography
Excellent for high rise condo / building promotion. Show your clients the view from the floor they will be on before its built! Also good for golf courses and resorts.
Show your customers a bird's eye view taken from any height where they live, work or play. Real estate sales are increased by providing powerful images of surrounding terrain. Enhance your business presentations and advertising with unique, high-resolution images. Televised Broadcast HD
We have the ability to broadcast live from our flying drone to television any live event in full HD! For television, news, sports, concerts and more this is a hot new capability. as platform for full scale aircraft
Sometimes smaller is cheaper and safer. Also low altitude shots do not require us to zoom in through haze in the atmosphere producing clearer shots. or news live video transmissions.
Got News? We have the ability to downlink a video signal to an ground monitor for a live view of what the camera is seeing.  This allows the pilot/camera operator to use the pan/tilt controls to properly compose the shot. This is great for smaller news networks who cannot afford a real helicopter or do not need one as often. Survey
Watch what's happening on the ground from right above it. Our images, both video and stills, allow you to track animals, equipment or traffic. With small-scale air vehicles and close-up shots, we can
go where conventional cameras can't, in the city or in the country. inspection in areas with difficult or no access
Smoke stacks, high antennas and more. documentation
Who's fault was it anyway? fraud investigators
Detect those commit insurance fraud from afar safely with no confrontation. / Development Photography and video
Document the status of your build. also offer video and photo post production and editing
For your website, your commercial or for the big screen we can help. are some other uses for our services.

Marketing / Advertising
Building Contracts
Land Development
Real Estate
Land Appraisal
Business Inventory
Wildlife Management
Aerial Data Collection
Resorts and Recreation
Legal / Forensic Data Collection
Fire Control
Golf Course Planning
Auto Dealer Inventory
Retail Site Planning
Personal Property Documentation
Estate Photography
Private Investigation
Law Enforcement
Insurance Damage Assessment
Video Surveillance
Structure and Barrier Inspection
Earthquake Damage Inspection
Video Production
TV News / Commercials

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