Friday, July 3, 2015

Buying Drones in Central Florida

Florida has a bunch of great, diverse landscapes. Everything from ocean shores to expansive and awe-inspiring islands, forests and cities. Whether you are photographer, videographer, drone enthusiast, or just an admirer of the sights, you will be thrilled to have an advanced drone that can span the sights and allow you to eat up the scenery.
There are many places in Florida that have drones for sale. If you want the comfort of going to a store in person and browsing around for the right drone or you want to chat with an employee about all the newest features, there’s a list of stores near you. However, you may find that no stores near you offer drones you want.

First, let’s talk about locations. There are a few of the larger chains that keep a few drones in stock or can have the specific drone you want sent to their location. Walmart, Best Buy, and Costco are a few of these. The biggest problem you’ll run into with these stores is that the employees are probably not going to have a lot of knowledge or experience with drones since they sell so many other things that are more of a priority for them. For places that have a bit more expertise with drones, a good place to look for Florida stores is on the DJI site. Go to any of the product pages and there will be a tab for “dealers.” This tab will show you a map with locations where that product is sold. You can find the location and contact information for all of these dealers. And they won’t just have DJI products available—they should sell a number of other brands as well. Just call ahead to see what products they have.

I can tell you which stores are going to be the best, but a lot is going to depend on what drones you are interested in since a lot of these stores only carry certain types. If you’re really looking to browse and talk to some pros, I would go to any of the stores that exclusively sell drones such as Drone Depot or Cine Drone.

Drone Depot although the headquartered in Canada, they also have a great location at the Spruce Creek Fly In Airport in Port Orange, and Cine Drone is located in Orlando. They both sell high-end drones and drone equipment so you can get everything you need in one place. Since they sell just drones, they should be able to answer any questions you have and give you great advice on buying your next drone. After looking around Florida for a couple of weeks for someone that had Inspire 1’s in stock, I called the Drone Depot and found that they had plenty of the DJI brand drones available.  So if you are in Central Florida and need a drone, give them a call.

Drone Depot
1 386 322 5334

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